Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMwA) and Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia (FGAE) signed Partnership Memorandum of Understanding/Teaming Agreement

EMwA is a professional Association of Ethiopian Midwives having more than 28 years of professional experience. Its Mission is to promote and enhance the expansion, performance and status of the midwifery profession by developing evidence-based practices; promote and adhere to the midwifery code of ethics; empower professionals to reduce maternal, newborn and child morbidity and mortality; and improve youth sexual & reproductive health in Ethiopia. Moreover, EMwA has four strategic Directions: Advocacy and Representation; Capacity Building, Partnership & Resource Mobilization- and Research, Monitoring & Evaluation operated in Eleven/11 /Chapter Offices across the country.

FGAE established in 1966, is also one of the leading organizations providing sexual and reproductive health services in Ethiopia. Its Mission is to deliver comprehensive, integrated, quality and gender-sensitive SRH programs and services focusing on youth, underserved & vulnerable population. FGAE runs a strong program focusing on strategic direction: Build Enabling Environment (Advocacy) for SRHR; empower Young People to make informed choices; provide laity, integrated and comprehensive SRH Services though own(46)Clinics(model clinics, general SRH clinics, Sex workers clinics, multi-service youth centers) and enabling other Service outlets(384-FHNCs); Ensure Sustainability/Resource mobilization, maintain Credibility through evidence based decision making/M&E, Research and Knowledge Management; operating in different parts of Ethiopia.

Thus, the purpose of Memorandum of Understanding/MOU/ Teaming Agreement/ is with the intention of setting out the shared and individual commitment to which EMwA and FGAE will agree to jointly carry out for partnership, collaboration and cooperation and Technical Assistant in Capacity Building, Advocacy, Joint Resource Mobilization and Partnership in project Implementation and Research and sharing of human resources with special expertise on specific areas of interventions that demand so that both Associations enhance their capacity/leverage resources, and exchange their rich experience in innovative best practice and create a learning forum in FP/SRH/MNCH ,etc; health services and program which both party represent respectively.


  • To jointly carry out for partnership, collaboration and cooperation in areas of Advocacy, Joint Resource Mobilization and Partnership, Project Implementation and Research and leverage competency and resources;
  • Enhance a center of excellence of both Associations for quality service delivery, research and capacity building trainings to ensure self-sustainability;
  • Foster horizontal MA to MA learning between EMwA and FGAE through human capacity development, Technical Assistance, collaboration among the two Associations;